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Real Estate Digital Consulting specialized in Internet marketing services. We help businesses implement a predictable advertising system and business plan to attract new clients and close successful deals. Let us help your organization maximize the value of the investments and enhance your businesses using the latest technological trends.

Areas of Specialization


Content strategy

We will help you in one of the most key parts of this process, which would be the organization of the buyer personas, in which it would be necessary to rate their quality and find ways to take advantage of it, performance and reinforce them. We will organize, based on your ideas and criteria, the amount of content to which we will publish on all the platforms we use in which we apply our calendar of days in which we have more attention and audience.

Content creation

Good content must be planned, organized and unique. We will help you understand what users are looking for to create and distribute the appropriate, relevant and valuable content aimed at them to attract and get their attention, with the aim of converting them into customers.

Content optimization

Content creation would be part of the way, which would be visible and optimized. This will be in charge of capturing the highest visibility using keywords applying SEO methods, providing ideas, strategies and studying the behavior of the avatars / users to obtain successful results. This section would be an ongoing process.

Content promotion

The world of marketing is constantly changing because the customer is also changing. We help you stay updated and adapt to new trends so as not to lose relevance and take advantage of it to reach more potential consumers. We promote your property strategically on our website and social networks, using our techniques to be available to thousands of people who could be potential clients. We also help to link with influencers and future interested in your content depending on your position in the market, which will help make your brand famous.

Content maintenance

In this section we take care of staying on trend by creating current and innovative content, updating profiles so that they have their own identity, as well as earning the love of Google by creating new content to increase the amount of traffic, which is important to satisfy the users.

Analysis and reports

We will help you analyze the market to get data on customers, competitors and the market in which we are going to develop. This data provides us with trends, positioning of the property, etc. It is important to develop an analysis because it helps us to set a target audience, to set an exact price, it guarantees the investment, ' it helps us to make decisions and plan strategies. This will benefit you from the knowledge of figures that we can apply in our strategies and reports to focus on what we have to improve and focus on the weak points. We will also use the KPI method (performance indicators) which is important along with the established goals.

Commercial and market feasibility study

This section is very important to define the differences in the benefits and costs of economic viability. It would be the evaluation of the project focusing on its profitability with indicators such as the annual net value (NPV) and the internal rate of return (IRR). It also supports us in defining what place a product or service will occupy in the market, either by analyzing the competition, viability and success of this and key factors such as current and potential customers.

Graphic design

Every Marketing strategy requires graphic design to visually promote a product and give a strong visual impact to users, with the aim of informing and transmitting a message. Design is an indispensable tool to enhance the visual appeal of the product. It allows forging a solid and memorable image, whose purpose is to position itself in the mind of the consumer. Good design attracts more users and increases product exposure.


Detection of investment opportunities

Analysis and monitoring of the evolution of the market and its variables to adapt to current trends.

Project creation

Planning and execution of the business plan in which they are composed of processes with changes which will take a long time since it has to be well built and organized. This helps to build operational and financial objectives ... creating action plans and budget calculations.

  • Definition and strategic business structuring.
  • Compose a diagnosis plan and action plans.
  • Market and competitive analysis.
  • Marketing plan.
  • Management plan.
  • Management plan.
  • Financial plan.

It also supports us in defining what place a product or service will occupy in the market, either by analyzing the competition, viability and success of this and key factors such as current and potential customers.


Our executive consultancy is made up of our professional team full of experience, knowledge and with extensive resolution capabilities together with our managers. We create and update analyzes of different markets with the mission of detecting and prospering opportunities with high power. This service includes legal, administrative, accounting, technical consulting and technological dependencies for both public, social and private sectors.


This service is based on computing, we take care of the main planning creating a new operating system program and encrypting codes of new programs, quality tests before the launch of the new project, setting parameters, writings ... The main functions would be:

  • Create and develop new programs or systems - We start to investigate the needs that our clients have, when they are already established we begin the project with the elaboration and design of new programs and programs, in order that they are in correct operation.
  • Evaluate new and existing systems - We carry out test plans for new programs and measure the quality of these systems to detect errors and correct them.
  • Improve programs - We take suggestions from users whether to improve or to correct solutions to system failures.
  • Occupation of maintenance in the corresponding systems, elaboration of codes in specialized languages ​​to detect errors and execute their efficiencies, carry out monitoring, correction of detected defects until the program is free of errors.
  • Specification and elaboration of techniques in the operating manual systems and elaboration of reports by all team members.

We have experienced real estate software developers

CRM application development

Build robust CRM applications that automate lead management, pipeline management, and customer management with real-time data flow, intuitive data visualization charts, data-intensive reporting, and an easy-to-use user interface.

CRM migration solutions

Migrate CRM systems to the latest technology with full legacy data migration, CRM upgrades, modernized infrastructure, and seamless integration with your organization's workflows.

CRM analysis

Integrate aesthetically pleasing custom dashboards for predictive analytics, trend mapping, decision support, KPI tracking, performance dashboards, and much more.

Industry specific services

Take advantage of custom CRM application development services on web and mobile platforms for 12+ business verticals such as e-commerce, banking, IT services, real estate, healthcare, and more.

CRM integration services

Integrate CRM software with ERP system, social media platforms, ticketing systems, marketing automation, and third-party software like Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, Marketo, etc.

CRM consulting services

Consult our CRM experts, who bring clarity and analytical thinking, starting with an in-depth analysis of customer needs, followed by the CRM plan, product selection, and CRM implementation plan.

Custom software development

We are committed to helping your business with tailored software solutions designed to meet technology needs, from management software and applications to websites. Our developers will use the appropriate strategy and technology to develop high quality software.

MLS software development

We create custom Multiple Listing Service (MLS) platforms for agents and brokers to manage up-to-date information on property sales, investments, price fluctuations, and more.

Blockchain technology in the real estate sector

What is a blockchain?

It is a system with which secure transactions can be made between people around the world without the need for intermediaries, a record is kept of the transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency through several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network .

How does it affect the real estate sector?

Banks and lawyers have long been part of the real estate ecosystem, Blockchain may soon usher in a change of roles and participation in real estate transactions. Eliminating the middlemen will result in buyers and sellers getting more of their money, saving the commissions and fees charged by the middlemen.