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We are a dynamic company with extensive and expert knowledge in the real estate market Gibraltar and European together with our diverse team of engineers, marketing and promoters sales, which we come from many parts of the world.

JHELY Gibraltar Real Estate Portal, unites the entire business and private real estate sector, we open borders nationally and internationally in one place, if you want to find your private home your second residence, stay at your vacation destination, get your office space. JHELY Gibraltar Portal is the answer to all your questions and concerns.

Why does JHELY Global stand out?

Because what we highlight the most is that we always obtain the trust of our clients because we are transparent, we dedicate effort and gratitude when working and we are always up to date on new methods / updates of the real estate market that we carry out.


Our commitment is to demonstrate and give exclusivity to the interests of the seller or buyer, with prior firm mandate for the sale or acquisition of a property.

  • We save our clients time and guarantee the best prices on the market.
  • We work in a personalized way to the requirements of our clients.
  • We achieve maximum profitability for each owner.
  • We put all our technical, human and material resources so that our clients have the best experience with our company.

We have initiative. We prepare an individualized marketing plan for each property. We try to anticipate adverse situations with the sole objective of offering quality advice.

We enjoy our work and whenever we offer solutions, we do it from knowledge technical matter. We work with properties with high potential, so the requirement in the service should be top. Each client is unique and we always respect their preferences above of everything and we adapt to them.

Potential factors

Our potential factor would be our cutting edge technology together with our international team of 7 computer engineers from different countries and continents, we have experience in national and international companies in Latin America and professional experience with clients of All Europe. If you want to find your private home or your second residence, a place to go on vacation or finding your location for the office JHELY Gibraltar Portal Inmobiliario is the answer.

We also open borders from a national and European level, your future buyer or tenant can be in any country in Europe.

You and your customer / seller are the only ones who win!

We do not take any commission during the transit of the sale, we only we carry out and get buyers / sellers with great potential who wish to invest! Those who will always win are you and satisfaction for us.

We work and focus on real estate and individuals to offer you our services of marketing together with our IT engineers. We guarantee you a buyer / seller.

Our Plans


Highlight of product

Highlight Your Properties

Access millions of international buyers throughout Europe, America and the World

Highlight of product

International Reach

Reach buyers around the world. International Promotion for your properties for sale and rent.

Highlight of product

Property Advertising

We know how to reach a wider audience getting more interested clients on their properties.

What is the most important thing for you about the JHELY Global platform?

Leave us your opinions and comments here

I want to express my gratitude to the team behind this real estate portal. Your customer service is outstanding. They were always willing to answer my questions and provide expert advice. Thanks to your help, I was able to make an informed and confident decision about my real estate investment.

1st July, 2023
Picture of the author
Nadia De-Vrix

As a real estate investor, I am always looking for solid opportunities. Thanks to this portal, I discovered properties with great potential for return on investment. Detailed data and analysis tools helped me make informed decisions. I am excited to see my portfolio grow thanks to the opportunities I found here.

6th May, 2023
Picture of the author
Marco Asensio

My time was limited and I urgently needed to find an apartment. Thanks to this real estate portal, I was able to find suitable options in a short time. In addition, the associated real estate agents responded quickly to my queries and helped me complete the entire process in record time.

26th July, 2023
Picture of the author
Francis Brefo

Our Professional Team

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