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How to adapt your pet to your new home


When you move and have pets, it can be tedious for your pet to adapt to the new home, so you have to help adapt your pet to your new home.

In this article we will give you simple tips to help your friend easily adapt to his new home:

Prepare your dog before moving

Make the whole process take time and pass progressively, so you will prevent your dog from feeling stressed or anxious.

Dogs have good adaptation mechanisms. For them customs are important, they perceive everything that surrounds them through smell.

We recommend that you take your dog to visit the new home before moving, so that he knows the place a little and sniffs everything before the move.

The day of the move

We recommend that you first move and order everything, then install your furniture and finally take your pet, so that when it arrives it sees the same things as before and does not feel such a sudden change.

If you hire a moving service, try to take your dog so that he feels accompanied and you will prevent him from being sad and stressing

Adapt your pet to your new home after moving

Now start the process of adapting your pet to your new home.


It is recommended that your dog has spaces similar to those of his previous house and keep the same objects or toys to which he was already accustomed.

We will give you tips to adapt your pet to your new home:

Explore the house

Even if you’ve taken him for a walk before the move, now is a good time to let him explore the whole house on his own. If he doesn't feel safe, he will follow you, and you must take him all over the house. First show him the places to sleep and feed.

Be patient

A common problem dogs have when moving is that they do not want to relieve themselves, because they do not have their usual place. You must wait for him to feel comfortable and adapt, if you press him he will increase his nervousness.

Give him his favorite food

By giving your dog his favorite food, the smell will help give him a little confidence.

Be affectionate with him

Affection is important for a dog to adapt well to his new home. Accompany your dog with caresses and pampering to comfort him. Use soft words and make him play with his favorite toys.

How long does it take for your dog to adapt to your new home?

They usually take 5 days to 2 weeks. But it's up to you and your dog.

It depends on the attention you gave him, the age, the personality of your dog, his level of obedience, and other things.

Adult dogs have different temperaments but the process is the same, as an owner you must pay more attention to it. The calmer you are, the more confident they will be.

We hope this article will help you so that you can adapt your pet to your new home and be happy in their new home.

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